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The casualty service imparts repute to the hospital. It provides 24x7 hours’ services for all emergency cases which includes golden hours and platinum minutes of treatment. The casualty is 30 bedded with 3 emergency resuscitation beds and is equipped with all the necessary facilities, equipment and emergency drugs.

The Treatment Area has been divided into three zones:

  • The Green Zone to cater to non-serious patients.
  • The Yellow Zone treats the moderately sick patients.
  • The Red Zone handles critically ill patient needs immediate care.
Resuscitation Area
  • Senior doctor on duty is assigned @ Red Zone in every shift.
  • Well equipped with high end machines, defibrillators, monitors, ventilators, emergency drug trolley etc.
  • All life threatening emergency protocols are displayed.
  • All ER staff and doctors are well trained with BLS and ACLS certification from AHA.

Emergency Laboratory and Radiological investigations are back bone of the causality

On call specialists are available round the clock to attend patients in casualty.

The hospital has 4 Ambulances (2 BLS & 2 ACLS) with trained manpower for transport of critically ill patients & rescue in life saving situations.

Approximately 60 patients per day attend at casualty. Cases like Stroke, Myocardial infarction, Road traffic accidents (RTA), Gynecological emergencies; Poisoning, Respiratory disease, Cardiac arrest, Pulmonary embolism, GI bleed etc. are treated by competent team.

Disaster Management

All doctors and nurses are given a clear job card for efficient synchronous work with effective communication.