Dr Anandi Gopal Scholarship

Dr. Anandibai Gopalrao Joshi (The first Indian Lady Doctor)

31 March 1865 – 26 February 1887

Dr. Anandi Gopal Scholarship will be awarded to 5 girl students who top the NEET exam merit list and are allotted and admitted to Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) Programme at Symbiosis Medical College for Women each year.

  1. The scholarship will be awarded after the completion of admission process. Academic fees paid during the admission process will be retained by the college as a deposite and will be refunded after the successful completion of the course.
  2. The Entire Academic Fees for such awardees of I MBBS, II MBBS, III MBBS (i) & (ii) for all the years of MBBS programme will be waived off and their fees will be covered under Terms and Condition of the Dr. Anandi Gopal Scholarship Scheme.
  3. In case an awardee fails in a university examination and fails to maintaine the required attendance, the scholarship will be terminated.
  4. The Hostel, Mess and other Fees as notified as applicable will not be covered under the scheme and awardees will have to bear these costs on their own.
  5. All awardees of the Anandi Gopal scholarship will compulsorily serve SMCW- SUHRC as Junior Resident for 1 year after completion of MBBS program and Compulsory rotatory residential internship(CRRI). The tenure of CRRI period will not be counted as one year service. The awardees of the scholarship will be required to work as a Junior Resident at any Primary Health centre, Urban Health Centre, Rural Health centre or any other such centre as approved by SMCW SUHRC. During their service as Tutor/ Junior Resident/ Medical Officer, they will be paid the emoluments as may be applicable at that time.
  6. The awardees and parents will have to execute a One Year Compulsory Service Bond to the effect that they will abide by the Terms and Conditions of the scheme.
  7. In the event of breaking of the Service Bond either while undergoing the MBBS programme or after completion of the Programme, the candidate will have to pay a sum of equivalent amount of Academic Fees for the of the programme of all Years as liquidated damages.
  8. If an awardee wishes to undertake a post-graduate course immediately after completion of her internship at SMCW/ other medical college and wishes to serve the one-year service after completion of post-graduation, the following regulations will apply.
    1. The awardee will first make an application and obtain a written sanction from SMCW for undertaking Postgraduation.
    2. The awardee will deposit the entire academic fees to the University for the Entire Course as applicable at the time of making the requisition for grant of permission to undertake post-graduation course.
    3. After completion of the post-graduation course at SMCW/other medical college, the awardee will join SUHRC and serve in any centre as deemed suitable by SUHRC for a period of One Year in the capacity of a Senior Resident. During this service period, the awardee will be paid remuneration for work as a Senior Resident as applicable at that time.
    4. The academic fees deposited by her will be refunded without interest after the awardee successfully completes the one-year service with SUHRC as Senior Resident.
    5. In case an awardee does not join SUHRC after completion of post-graduation and render the required oneyear service, the entire deposit amount/ security instrument shall be redeemed in favour of SMCW/ SIU at its discretion.