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Sensitisation programme

“New undergraduate Curriculum - salient features and concepts”

Venue: Auditorium, 4 th Floor

Date: 5 th September 2019

Department of Medical Education Technology, Symbiosis Medical College for Women (SMCW), organized a Program on 5 th Sep 2019 to sensitize the faculty on "New undergraduate Curriculum salient features and concepts".

Dr. Krishnakant Patil, Professor & HOD Physiology and MET Coordinator organized and conceptualised the program with able guidance from the Dean Dr (Mrs) Bhagya Sattigeri. It was held between 3 PM to 5 PM. at the 4 th Floor Auditorium of Symbiosis University Hospital and Research Centre (SUHRC) at Hill base campus Symbiosis International University (SIU)

The guest speakers were Maj. Gen. (Dr.) R. M. Gupta, VSM, Dean, Armed Forces Medical College, Pune and Lt Col.(Dr). Karuna Datta from the MEU, MCI Regional center for MET at Armed Forces Medical College Pune. The occasion was graced by our dear Dr. Rajiv Yeravdekar, Dean Faculty of Health Sciences, Dr. Tutakne, Senior Professor and an army veteran, Dean Dr (Mrs) Bhagya Sattigeri, Dr. Natarajan, CEO of SUHRC, Dr. Mohan Jadhav, Medical Superintendent. The audience were HOD’s of all departments, including Dr. (Mrs) Abhang (Biochemistry), Dr. V. Bharambe (Anatomy) Dr. Krishnakant Patil (Physiology) and the senior and junior teaching faculty of SMCW, who would later do the MEU courses.

The programme was conducted smoothly by the anchors Dr. Ketaki Pathak, Dr. Pankaj Bansode, Dr. Tulsi, Dr. Pallavi Badhe, Dr. Deepak Khismatrao and Dr. Santosh Jagtap.

Programme started with a welcome address by Dean Dr. Bhagya Sattigeri. She welcomed all the audience and expressed the need of MEU, its changing pattern and plan of SMCW in the field of MEU. She welcomed both the guests, Maj. Gen. R.M. Gupta and (Col) Karuna Datta.

Dr. Rajiv Yeravdekar, Dean Faculty of Health Sciences, pointed out the coincidence that the first program of MET Department of SMCW was being arranged on 5th Sept i.e Teachers Day. He stressed the importance of implementation of the Competency Based Medical Education (CBME) keeping in line with international standards of Medical Education at the same time changing it to suit the Indian scenario. He said that SMCW will be the first to implement this new curriculum,

It was followed by a brief talk by Maj Gen. R. M. Gupta sir on “Introduction to Medical Education”. He talked about the basics of WWW and global need of health education. He appreciated Symbiosis for its international presence. He stated that this batch of MBBS is a watershed in medical education due to new curriculum started in 2019. Highlight of it is that it is competency based.

The 5 pillars of formation of Indian Medical Graduate at the end of 4.5 years of MBBS Curriculum are IMG should be a 1) clinician 2) team leader or team member 3) Communicator 4) Lifelong learner 5) Professional. He stressed the huge transition in health education. He suggested that the IMG should be an international medical graduate along with the Indian role. He also stated that the IMG should be unconsciously competent from the initial naive stage of unconsciously incompetent addressing the 3 domains (cognitive, skills affective). He stated about the MCI mandate of 1 month of foundation course which can comprise of history of colleges, city, computers, IT, communication skills, yoga etc.

He stressed on communication and networking (horizontal and vertical) and integration of curriculum with the various subjects of medicine and self-directed learning. CISP (Curriculum Implementation Support Programme) teaches the students how to go through all this.

Next was the detailed talk by Dr. Karuna Datta on “Newer concept of Curriculum and salient features of Curriculum”. She told about the time plan of various steps of implementation, each with a specified period in the MBBS period. She gave a detailed account of basics of CBME (Competence based Medical education) and about integration of various departments and subjects, its assessment methods and a road map preparation starting from the MEU formation in SMCW, curriculum committee formation, making SLO’s and skill labs development in SMCW.

This was followed by felicitation of Dr. Rajiv Yerwadekar Sir and the guests of the function namely Maj. Gupta Sir and Col. Karuna Datta Madam.

The event concluded with High Tea