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Gender Sensitization Programme

Venue: Lecture Hall No 2, Lower Ground floor, SMCW

Date: 24th Feb 2020

Time: 2:30 to 4:30pm

Objective: To sensitize all the women employee of SMCW and SUHRC regarding gender issues and sexual harassment.

Programme:  Nowadays, sexual harassment and gender discrimination are two important issues faced by women at their work place. As these are the sensitive issues, generally women hesitate to discuss it openly. Hence gender sensitization program was organized for women employee of SMSW and SUHRC.

Mrs. Sneha Khandekar a gender diversity and inclusion expert working in the field of women and violence was invited as a guest speaker to discuss these issues. Mrs. Sneha madam alerted all the women employees to report any incidence of sexual harassment in time to the higher authorities to prevent the repetition of the same. She has also given information on laws and legal actions that can be taken against gender harassment. The program ended with question answer session.

Total 175 women employees which included doctors, nursing staff, clerk, pharmacy, library, etc. have attended the program. It was decided to organize such program regularly and for small groups in future.