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Electives for International Medical Students

is pleased to welcome International Students for Medical Elective Program at the 700 bedded tertiary care multispecialty University hospital.

Program Coordinator
Info. Program Coordinator Information
Name Dr. Neelesh Risbud, MBBS, MD, DGO, DNB, FRCOG(UK)


Professor in Obs & Gyn at SMCW & SUHRC
Formerly, Academic Lead Obs & Gyn at Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland – PU School of Medicine, Kuala Lumpur
Mail ID,
Tel/WhatsApp +91 9890259343
Advisors Name Designation
Dr. Rajeev Yerawadekar Provost, Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, Symbiosis International University, Pune, India

Dr. Vijay Natarajan

CEO, Symbiosis University Hospital & Research Centre, Lavale, Pune
Col Dr. T. Vijaya Sagar Dean, Symbiosis Medical College for Women, Lavale, Pune

Duration of the electives offered: 4/6/8 weeks


International students in the third year of a 5-year degree program who have already been exposed to clinical practice.
Flexibility The program can be flexible as per the students’ needs and the facilities available.
Dates in 2023 The program can run throughout the year in blocks of 4/6/8 weeks.
Capacity not more than 5 per specialty and maximum 20 at one time.

Accommodation, transportation & food can be arranged as per university procedure, the details will be provided by the coordinator on request.

Specialties Offered for Electives

1. Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Supervisor: Dr. Neelesh Risbud, Dept of Obs & Gyn

At the end of the elective, students will be confident to elicit a comprehensive history in obstetrics/gynaecology, perform abdominal examination in pregnant women and abdo-pelvic examination in gyn patients. They will also be observing cytological smears. Students can discuss the provisional diagnosis, order relevant investigations and arrange for follow up.

Students will take part in the daily ward rounds and can present the cases as part of the bed side tutorials. They will be encouraged to observe various gynaecological surgeries. Students will be attending Delivery suite in daytime and out of hours as the case may be. They will be monitoring the progress of labour, perform auscultations and intrapartum monitoring. They can draw portograms, observe the delivery process and follow up women in the post-natal ward. It will be expected that they observe at least 5 spontaneous vaginal deliveries, 2 CS and 2 instrumental deliveries.

Students will maintain a log book of clinic attendance, procedures observed, labour cases and ward rounds.

Students can observe counselling and communication sessions.

Students will also have the opportunity to attend the teaching sessions conducted for SMCW students (at year 3 onwards) like classroom lectures, tutorials and symposia.

2. General Medicine (including subspecialities like neurology, cardiology, and gastroenterology)
Supervisor: Dr. Rajesh Karekar, Professor & HOD, Dept of Medicine, SMCW
  • Activities to be undertaken: Outpatient clinics in cardiology, internal medicine, neurology and gastroenterology.
  • Observe Outpatient procedures like OGD scopies Ward rounds.
  • History taking and observing the physical examinations in clinics and of in patients.
  • Order relevant investigations, present bed side tutorials and monitor the progress of patients.
  • Observe procedures like urinary catheterisations, phlebotomies, IV cannulations, Nasogastric tube, chest drains, ECG etc.
3. Intensive Care & Anaesthesia
Supervisor: Dr. Urvi Shukla, MBBS, MD, MRCA(UK), EDIC
Consultant in Charge, ICU & Emergency Services
  • Activities to be undertaken: Observe ICU protocols and management
  • Order investigations and follow-ups
  • Observe and assist in various procedures in intensive care.
  • Observe procedures like ABG, intubations etc. under supervision
  • Attend theatres and observe various anaesthetic procedures
  • Assist in monitoring intra op and post op patients
  • Be a part of team for daily rounds in ICU
4. A Flexible & Comprehensive Program

A Flexible & Comprehensive program can be arranged as per students’ requirements and availability of supervisors whereby students can rotate for 2 weeks each in O&G, general medicine, ICU and general surgery as per their choice to gain a wider clinical experience.

5. Rural Health Centres

Symbiosis hospital has various community outreach activities and visits to primary health centres, rural centres, village health guides etc. managed by the dept of community medicine and the SCOPE. Students can choose to be a part of these community visits 1-2 times a week as a part of the program with prior intimation.

During the Electives, international students can attend classroom lectures, tutorials, MDT meetings, symposia and conferences held in the duration of the program. They will also get acquainted with the undergraduate teaching at the medical college for local students

The program will be complimented by various community and extracurricular activities conducted on the weekends by the expert team of Symbiosis international university. It may comprise of city tours, visits to historical sites, language classes, cookery lessons, rural stays etc.

About Symbiosis Medical College for Women

The medical college is into its 3rd year of admissions and has an intake of 150 students per year. The college is for Girls only and provides a safe and secure 100% Residential accommodation in the campus set amongst the picturesque surroundings of Village Lavale, district Pune of India, located about 25 kms from the Pune city centre and 160 kms rom Mumbai city.

About Symbiosis University Hospital & Research Centre

The hospital has a capacity of 700 beds and is a tertiary care multispecialty hospital catering to a population of about 1 million. There are well equipped operation theatres, spacious wards, all the basic as well as super specialty departments functional. The focus is on an ethical, rational, comprehensive, efficient and low-cost provision of healthcare.