Vision & Mission

Medical education unit (MEU) the nucleus of all academic activities of a medical college, is responsible not only for teaching-learning activity of both undergraduate and postgraduate but also training of the faculty in medical education technology. Faculty development encompasses all activities related to the induction, training and further development of faculty members so as to optimize their effectiveness as teachers, trainers and leaders in education. While most teachers in medical education accomplish the task of teaching by emulating their seniors, and by trial and error, the need for systematic faculty development Programmes (FDP) is well established. Faculty development is considered an essential tool to cope with new teaching tasks and is a means for participants to build important career relationships with peers, mentors and academicians who contribute to academic advancement. In 1997, the Medical Council of India (MCI) recommended the establishment of medical education units (MEU) in each medical college.


To make the Department of Medical Education as a Centre excellence for Health Profession Education.


To promote excellence in faculty development for quality medical education and professionalism.


  • The main objective of Medical Education Unit is to contribute actively in the process of effective curricular development, implementation and monitoring activity including capacity building activity of faculty in accordance with the Medical council of India initiatives.
  • Medical education unit will be responsible for the process of educational activities conducted in SMCW.
  • To conduct training activities for capacity building of faculty members in educational science and technology.
  • To introduce advanced Research Programs in medical and health professional education
  • To develop a robust E-learning system.
  • To provide mentoring and support in developing the simulation centre, skills lab etc.
  • Update the current trends in medical education by conducting faculty development programs in the form of CME’s, conferences, workshops. 
  • To provide a contextual environment and platform for inter institutional, international collaboration in developing new educational techniques and models.
  • Offer courses in the medical education.


  1. Lt. Col. Dr. T. Vijaya Sagar - Chairman, Dean, SMCW & SUHRC
  2. Dr. Suchitra Palve- Coordinator, Professor, Dept. of Physiology
  3. Dr Jui Nikhil Geet- Member, Professor, Dept. of Anaesthesiology
  4. Dr. Jayshree Kharche - Member, Associate Professor Dept. of Physiology
  5. Dr. Sachin Palve - Member, Professor & Head, Dept. of Community Medicine
  6. Dr. Prasan Bhandari - Member, Professor & Head, Dept. of Pharmacology
  7. Dr. Vaishaly Bharambe - Member, Professor & Head, Dept. of Anatomy
  8. Dr Abhijit Patil - Member, Professor & Head, Dept. of Radio diagnosis
  9. Dr. Madhu Bansode - Member, Professor & Head, Dept. of Medicine
  10. Dr. Pankaj Bansode - Member, Associate professor, Dept. of Surgery
  11. Dr. Shraddha Yadav- Member, Associate Professor Dept. of Pharmacology

Key Focus Areas

Key focus areas

  • Faculty development by holding Seminars/Workshops/Conferences/CME
  • Curriculum development (UG & PG) as per latest MCI guidelines. 
  • Updating & implementation of latest MCI guidelines for UG/PG examination. 
  • Coordinate & facilitate all NMC activities.
  • Supervise/coordinate overall educational & research development of the Institute.

Activities planned in future:

  • Training of the MEU faculty for advance faculty development courses.
  • To Coordinate in conducting Foundation Course for first year MBBS.
  • To Conduct Faculty development workshops/ program (1 / month)
  • To Conduct Faculty Revised Basic Course Workshop in Medical Education Technologies (at least 1 /year)
  • To Conduct Sensitization Programme on AETCOM Module (Attitude, Ethics and Communication Module) (at least 1 /year)
  • To Conduct Curriculum Implementation Support Programme (CISP) (1every year)

Activities Conducted

Activities conducted 

  • Curriculum Implementation support program- Sensitization workshop (8 th September 2019. Dr Karuna Dutta Coordinator MEU, RC- AFMC Pune).
  • CISP 2 workshop: 27-28 August 2020 (Aegis of regional center AFMC)
  • Hands-on LMS workshop on Learning Management System: 8-11 December 2020.

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