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ASHA Day Celebration

ASHA Day Celebration on March 13, 2024, featured praise for ASHA workers by Mr. Taizoon Khorakiwala & Mrs. Edith Alba Khorakiwala. The event included screenings and discussions on healthcare topics by various experts. Dr. Rajiv Yeravdekar Provost of FoMHS, assured support for ASHA workers, and Dr. Prasad Bhanap promised streamlined patient admissions. The event, attended by 110 ASHA workers and seven Taluka Health Officials, aimed at education, empowerment, and healthcare collaboration.


“Kidney Health for All: Advancing Equitable Access to Care & optimal Medication Practice”

Report on: World Kidney Day Celebration 2024

Chief Guest: Provost, FoMHS, Dr. Rajiv Yeravdekar


  • Dr. Sammita Jadhav, Director SIHS.
  • Dr. Girish Kumthekar, Nephrologist, SUHRC.
  • Dr. Sonopant Joshi, Director SCON.

Venue: Moringa Auditorium, 4th floor, SUHRC, Building no. 3

Date: 14th March 2024

Time: 10:00am to 11:30am

World Kidney Day is a global campaign aimed at raising awareness of the importance of our kidneys. During this day the motto is to spread awareness about preventive behaviors, risk factors and how to live with a kidney disease.
Brief Summary: On March 14, 2021, Symbiosis University Hospital & Research Center (SUHRC) alongside Symbiosis Medical College for Women (SMCW) in Collaboration with Symbiosis Institute of Health Sciences organized the event to celebrate World Kidney Day 2024.
The event featured an engaging skit by students of Symbiosis Institute of Health Sciences SIHS tackling crucial topics like kidney health, dialysis, and kidney transplants with a light hearted yet impactful approach. Followed by captivating performance by Dialysis Unit of Symbiosis University Hospital & Research Centre SUHRC, conveying message through artistic expression.
Dr. Girish Kumthekar, Nephrologist & Kidney Transplant Consultant at SUHRC, Delivered an illuminating welcome address, setting the tone of the event, also discussing the journey of dialysis unit at Symbiosis University Hospital & Research Centre SUHRC since the very first day till date, the achievement of starting dialysis from 7 patients to 1000 plus sessions per month! Dr. Sammita Jadhav, Director of Symbiosis Institute of Health Sciences shared valuable insights on the challenges of kidney health; she also shared the need of vocational education in the field of Allied Health Care. As a touching gesture she welcomed a dialysis patient who has been receiving care at SUHRC. Prof Dr. Sonopant Joshi, Director of Symbiosis College of Nursing, provided knowledgeable insights on preventive measure like yoga rooted in our country for kidney health.
Dr. Rajiv Yeravdekar, Provost, Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, discussed various aspects of kidney diseases and the dialysis unit at SUHRC, highlighting research opportunities to prevent kidney-related problems.

The event concluded with the distribution of prizes for a poster competition on “Kidney Health Awareness”

Inauguration of NICU

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